Let us help you hit the mark. We have a number of free basic resources and advice to help you increase your success rate through the job hunting process.  We will aim to add further articles and newsletter items here to offer more detailed advice and tips to help you in the job hunting market.

To begin with you might like to read over some fairly basic tips and advice, that sadly are often lacking in many resumes. Are you making any of these mistakes? Click here to download our basic Resume Advice PDF – Resume Advice to get you started

If you have been getting a good response from your resume and various applications and actually being invited to interview but seem to come unstuck at this final and most important stage, you might like to review and refresh your preparation by downloading our Interview Tips PDF – Interview Tips to get the job offer

Contact us at info@alexanderporter.com.au for information on the Job Hunt and how you can help yourself navigate through this challenge – covering particularly resumes and LinkedIn – from a recruiters perspective.

Newsflash / Update…

We are proud to say we have added some additional candidate services for those who would like some assistance, and will be adding further services and details over the coming months…

  1. Resume Makeover – research indicates your resume is viewed by a recruiter for on average 6 seconds. Let us make your first impression a good one – including having a more Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compatible resume so you make it past the robots and algorithms that can quickly and adversely decide your fate. Click link to Resume Reformatting – how to catch the readers eye
  2. More detailed Resume Overhaul – includes 1 hour consultation with experienced recruiter. We will provide you with a well written resume and covering letter that is ATS friendly as well as tips and strategies to help you through the Job Hunt process. Click link to Resume Overhaul – how to get your resume working for you
  3. Interview preparation / training – now is the time to really prepare and outshine the other candidates. We are finalising this add-on service and will update shortly.
  4. LinkedIn Optimisation – even if you are not looking right now, being found is the key in the Hidden Job Market. We are finalising this service and will update shortly.