So you know by now the attention span of the reader reviewing your resume can be a matter of seconds (, which does not give you much time to make that all important first impression. But what if your resume content as well as the resume layout is not up to date to compete with all the other applicants?

Does your resume convey what you do, who you are and why you should be considered?

Will your resume make it past the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to be even read by a person? Will they see your potential and call/meet you?

Resumes are a personal document (because it is all about YOU) to show professionally what you have done, where and how, and ideally what you can do. In geology, they say the past is the key to the present and the best predictor of the future. Resumes perform a similar role in that they show professionally where you have been and what you have done, and give recruiters and hiring managers a guide to what you might achieve in the future. Can they easily tell that you can do the role they are trying to fill?

With the Resume Overhaul Service we will meet you face to face to help construct a strong resume and covering letter template. We can help you identify your key attributes to highlight in your resume, put context into your work history and help draw the conclusions of what you can offer and where your career path is heading.

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The resulting resume will help you get past the first hurdle (ATS/robot/algorithms/junior recruiters) that can often preclude suitable candidates from ever being considered. Did you know most recruitment firms and many corporates now use an ATS to help manage the sheer volume of applicants? This has a bearing on how you are considered for not only the role you are applying for today, but may impact on whether you ever get a call in the future for a prospective role you should subsequently have been matched up with after a database search.

FYI the ATS depends on resume parsing technology to make sense of the content and tries its best to fill up the form with those content. This is part science and part black art, and where many resumes fail and fall into a BLACK HOLE.

Advanced Resume Service – Resume Overhaul

Much like the Resume Reformatting service we offer, it is certainly possible to do this yourself. You will need to research how an ATS will view your resume, what is important to include, where and how. What formatting and layout works best. Then you need to understand how recruiters operate and process resumes and what you can do to help them ‘help you’.

Or for the worthwhile investment of roughly the cost of forsaking buying your lunch for a month – why take the chance. For every week, fortnight or even month/s you are not being considered for roles you are applying for, this lost income dwarfs the cost of this service by some magnitude.

Can you afford NOT to have a resume that highlights your potential and gives you the best chance of being considered?

Contact the team at Alexander Porter to get your resume working for you:

Call (03) 9111 0070 or 1300 AP Jobs (1300 27 56 27) or email at

Final thought – if you have a well-crafted and formatted resume, then we strongly recommend turning your attention to your LinkedIn profile to maximise your job hunting prospects. We cannot state how key your LinkedIn profile is to you – whether you are and active candidate or a passive candidate happily employed. The Hidden Job market is widely accepted to run at between 70-80% of all jobs, and LinkedIn plays a key part. If you would like some assistance to turn your profile into a job magnet for you, please get in touch to find out more about our LinkedIn Profile optimisation services.